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Operation Purple Heart Truck (OPHT)

is a 100% volunteer non-profit 501(c)3 organization that relies solely on financial support from those we serve while attending parades, patriotic events and community festivals.

A  25,000 lb. 40 year-old firetruck requires fuel, oil, regular maintenance, insurance, and those unexpected repair bills. No-one with OPHT is compensated for their service. 

All funds received cover the operating costs of the truck and allow us to carry out our mission throughout the state of Virginia.

Operation Purple Heart Truck (OPHT)

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Volunteer Program

We are always looking for people that are willing to help with the many task of our program. If you are interested in helping please submit a Volunteer Form.

Partner Program

Our donors from both In-Kind and Finacial doners are showcased below.  Without them we could not continue our mission. 

501c3 Nonprofit

Our financial donors fund 100% of the costs in operating the truck, while our In-kind contributors provide goods and services that would otherwise deplete our funding. 100% of every dollar serves the operation of the truck, no one from OPHT is compensated for their service.

Key Partners Sharing Our Mission & Giving Financial Support

What We Do

The mission of the Purple Heart Truck  is to bring peace to those veterans who carry the burden of war. We travel the roads attending patriotic events, parades, community festivals and any place we can honor and give thanks to all veterans and active duty personnel. Volunteers are the backbone of the organization. We offer a variety of opportunities for individuals and groups to get involved and make a difference.

Founder - SSGT Herb Delbridge

Our Story

The Purple Heart Truck was a dream of Marine Staff Sergeant Herb Delbridge. He served in the United States military for 10 years; eight in the Marine Corps and two in the Army. He served with pride in the Vietnam War and was wounded and received three Purple Hearts.

 The inspiration of creating a rolling war memorial came to fruition early in 2013 when he purchased a decommissioned fire truck and started his year-long plan to have scenes painted on the truck’s body depicting the realities of war. Every scene shown on the truck is personal to Herb. Most were painted from actual photographs chosen by him. The artwork was done by professional airbrush artist Ken Hayden of Mechanicsville, VA. All U.S. military branches are represented on the truck including each branch’s flag.

 His primary motivation for the truck is to give the Vietnam Veterans thanks, honor, and respect for their service and sacrifices. These veterans never received the welcome home praises that they so richly deserved. Over 58,000 paid the ultimate price with their lives. He invites Vietnam Veterans to ride atop the truck to receive the gratitude of their community as well as all veterans of any era to join him to show their pride in their service to America.

 Herb passed away in December of 2023 and now the volunteers of Operation Purple Heart Truck, a 501c(3), assure that mission continues.

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We are a group of volunteers that keep the Operation Purple Heart Truck on the road and event ready. You do not have to be the recipient of a Purple Heart or even a current or past member of the military to join our team. If you have either time or skill that can help with this mission please join us.

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